Deezine Art Studio

Works of master painter Dee J. Cohen

Artist Statement

We humans live in a world of illusions - even our eyes can only show us three dimensions, as time is our fourth dimension. However, the study of Quantum Physics tells us there are more dimensions than meet the eye beyond time. Solid objects are tricksters, actually composed of dancing and vibrating molecules at the subatomic level. Our own minds deceive us, as well, by shifting our memories and ideas at will.

Truly, nature’s greatest illusion may be the passage of time. Time appears to be inseparable from our human consciousness; we believe we can see and feel time as we look to our aging reflections, or glance at an old photograph of a moment frozen in time. However, Einstein believed that the past, present and future can actually exist simultaneously. People traveling at different speeds will experience time differently (for instance, a rocket that travels through space and approaches the speed of light will slow time) and this difference in the passage of time will also affect the aging process. Time is not set in stone. 

Can time be a relative concept? This abstract idea of time holds an interest for the artist Dee Cohen, and influences her thoughts and, therefore, her work.  

“I use scientific theories and conceptual ideas, paint, wax, scrapers and squeegees as tools to create the past, present and future into abstract art.”

- Dee Cohen