Deezine Art Studio

Works of master painter Dee J. Cohen


Size and Pricing

Shipping cost not included in price.

Size: 32" x 38" / Price: $600
Size: 44" x 50" / Price: $900

Contact the artist for sale inquiries.

Commissioned Children's Art

Do you want to create a memorable artwork for your loved one? A child, a friend? Think of your favorite childhood movie, book - even your favorite stuffed animal - all of these can be incorporated into a commissioned art piece that will keep the memories alive forever.

Commissioned children's art work will be conducted through e-mail. Tell Dee about the ideas you wish to have included in this piece, and we can begin...

Artist requests 50% payment, and will accept either certified check or PayPal payment. Progress of the painting will be photographed for the buyer's final package. Buyer will also receive a 'Certificate of Authenticity' from the artist Dee J. Cohen in final package. Wood slats will be included in shipment to be placed behind artwork for hanging.

Remaining 50% final payment will be sent to artist after the final photograph is sent to buyer for approval. Final payment will also include additional cost for calculated shipping; buyer is responsible for shipping charges and is not included in commission price. Final payment must be received and cleared before painting is shipped.