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Works of master painter Dee J. Cohen

The Fabric Of Sound

"The painting 'Ella's Scat' was the birth of my interest in Theoretical Physics and String Theory. It addresses the micro and macro viewpoint of sound, light, color, chaos and order, multiple dimensions, gravity, and what is both seen and unseen with our human eyes. 

The idea of String Theory is that all matter is made up of vibrating strings in multiple dimensions. How these strings vibrate is what gives 'things' their individual shape. This idea links physics to music; the vibrating strings create harmony or dissonance in the universe, just as the vibrating sounds of music create harmony or dissonance to our ears. The universe and music is a symphony of color and light, chaos and order. Sounds are living moments of the universe that correspond to vibrating senses in our bodies and minds. I strive to transfer these vibrating sounds into vibrations of color and light mined from my inner world.

Ella Fitzgerald was the muse for these particular paintings. It was love at first vibration."

- Dee Cohen

The original painting "Ella’s Scat" was acquired by Berklee College of Music in Boston as part of its permanent collection. Dee will be teaching a workshop on "The Visualization of Music” at Berklee in fall, 2018.

Prices on request: contact the artist for sale inquiries.

The Fabric of Sound: Ella's Scat
Oil on canvas
6' x 7'

The Fabric of Sound: The Roots of Music
Oil on linen
5' x 6'