Deezine Art Studio

Works of master painter Dee J. Cohen

About Dee Cohen

Dee Cohen is a fine artist exploring scientific concepts concerning Time and Reality. She hopes to challenge the viewer’s perception of time, and awaken the senses with her use of color. Her abstracted oil paintings, digital art prints and drawings are part of private collections throughout the United States.

Dee began seriously painting in Seoul, Korea where she studied brush painting techniques and also made her first oil painting. After returning to the United States, she studied drawing and painting at the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, MA. Soon thereafter, she went on to study portfolio work at Wellesley College, followed by her studies at The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, now a part of Tufts University. At that time, her work showed a flair towards Fauvism: color took center stage.

Utilizing her Masters in Education from Wheelock College in conjunction with her extensive work, and experience, in the arts, Dee became Art Department Head at the Charles River School in Dover, MA. During her nine-year teaching tenure, Charles River School awarded Dee a grant to become an Artist In Residence at Vermont Studio Center, where her abstract work took off. She later made a decision to study painting full time at Massachusetts College Of Art & Design, where she was enrolled as a Special Student focusing on post-baccalaureate work. Dee was thereafter elected Master Painter by The Concord Art Association after taking part in various exhibitions. Her studio now resides at Artspace Maynard in Maynard, MA, where she continues her painting. You can follow her artwork on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates.

Over the last fifteen years, Dee has painted about the scientific concepts of String Theory, Multiple Dimensions, and the Fourth Dimension of Time. She is presently working on a series titled, "The State of Things." You can see her painting process through work Finding Peace in Chaos.

Dee resides in Massachusetts with her husband and Australian Shepherd, Darwin. She also teaches knitting classes at her studio, as she is also a Master Knitter and Designer under the name 'Knitting Deezines,' which you can also follow on Facebook.